I started blogging two and a half years ago, right about the time I started knitting seriously. Then I had a baby, moved to a state where I could afford to be at home with her, and found myself blogging more about my family than is wise. I stopped blogging, had another baby, and knit and knit and knit.  I’ve grown immensley as a person and become a pretty darn good knitter.  I’m also one of the stealthiest knitblog lurkers around.  Every time I read a great entry I pined for my old blog… Sure I could start a blog that focused on knitting (not my kids) but I’m picky, and on a limited budget.   I just couldn’t afford to ressurect my beloved typepad account.  When I discovered that Word Press would allow me to use the images I wanted in a free blog I signed right up.

So here I am another knitblogger.

Currently I’m engaged in a serious destashing effort while I work on Runagogo. And I mean SERIOUS. My stash is teensy tiny compared to many out there… and it includes an unhealthy dose of cheapo yarn I won’t apologize for. Using acrylic or otherwise crap yarn has helped me develop as a knitter… it’s been fine to learn with and I’ve used it appropriately. But I’ve knit with enough good stuff (and discovered Knitpicks and Elann) to be ready to move on. However… there’s this spendthrift in me that will not let me just drop it off at the St. Vinnie’s drive thru (at least not all of it… there’s a skein of Red Heart in the donation bag already)… so as I attempt to run 100 miles before April Fool’s Day I’m spending alot of time trying to come up with appropriate uses for all of the leftovers and dayreaming about a wooly, silky, linen filled future.

What, you don’t believe in appropriate uses of crap yarn? Stick around and I’ll show you what I mean.

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