Leftover VooDoo

I can’t believe this yarn (leftover from a Marsan Watch Cap I made my husband three years ago) has been lingering on a shelf in my craft closet while my paws have practically frozen off during the past two winters. The pattern is simple, the end product elegantly functional (love how the double rib fits snug on the wrist and on the palm) and FAST! The hand-dyed, hand spun superwash Merino is perfect for this pattern. I really want to knit these, but I don’t have any stash yarn that’s appropriate, the voodoo will definitely tide me over. I knit them on US6’s (4.25mm) and the wool could probably be knit on US10’s (6mm) with no problem, so these are DENSE. But hey, that makes them all the more effective at their job. Here’s hoping knitting the rest of the items on the stash list yields equally satisfying results.

One Response to “Leftover VooDoo”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Great mitts! I found your site on Runagogo and I was wondering if you had bunnies. Figured it would not hurt to drop by and say “Hello!” to you. 😉

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