What I learned this weekend

1. Knitting two socks at the same time is not as hard as it sounds.

2. Knitting two socks at the same time is not as fast as it sounds.

3. Much as I love my home-girl Jodie‘s blog, the Saturday Market Bag is just not right for me (actually the Eugene Saturday Market isn’t really for me either, oh to have the low-key, not overcrowded, year-round Tuesday morning farmer’s market that was up the street in my old town back).

4. Wicked Stitches’ Promenade Bag is more my style.

5. It’s fast to knit too.

6. The WEBS wool is better suited for the Sunrise Circle Jacket than the recycled sweater.

7. I LOVE the SCJ pattern even more than I thought I would.

Pictures soon.. I’ll try and see to it that they aren’t as overexposed as the last two,

2 Responses to “What I learned this weekend”

  1. grouchosuave Says:

    Is the Eugene Saturday Market too much of an on-the-go, action oriented, fashion forward, cutthroat, ladder climbing, backstabbing, high finance, meat market, dog-eat dog, power brokering, back breaking, prima donna diva crucible of organic vegetalia and raisin scones?

    I hate it when that happens.

    Some day a real rain will fall and wash all the scum off the street. A-town knit bitches in the hizzo, yo!

    “Dropped stitches are like tears in the perling rain.” -Rutger Hauer in “Bladerunner”

  2. Jodie Says:

    I’m a homegirl! That’s awesome, even if the Eugene Saturday Market isn’t for you. Anthony and I rarely get much there (maybe $10 worth of veggies) but like to sit on the grass and eat a slice of pizza or pad thai and watch the people. It really is prime people watching.

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