Spin Cycle

Nine years ago I went to a Barbeque that changed my life forever. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go but Party Jen and I decided it was the best of our options. We were invited by a friend of a friend. The party was in a 1920’s era furniture factory that had been converted into warehouse loft spaces. Superbooty was playing. It was the typical late-90’s Oakland scene. Standing next to the keg with Party Jen, I saw a handsome guy pull up with some friends in a red convertible. I said to Party Jen (perhaps more than a bit influenced by the beer)… I am going to marry that man. And I did.

Nine years later it’s domestic bliss.

That is if you overlook the pouring rain yesterday, two cooped up little kids and Mr. Bunny down with the flu. Instead of hamburgers and flags or kegs and cheetos I was surrounded by legos, pepto bismol and mountains of laundry. Like I said, domestic bliss.

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