I Couldn’t Resist

I peeked.

I am very excited. I have had enough black Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud to knit my husband’s stepmom a shawl in my stash since last year. She plays in the orchestra for the San Francisco Opera and always needs to dress beautifully (on a musician’s wages that is not easy) and WARMLY. I wasn’t sure how she would react to a knitted shawl or stole. Last year for Christmas I made her this. I had orginally intended to make the Print O the Wave stole, but having a baby seriously hindered my ability to perform intricate lace work. The stole turned out beautifully (lovely, simple pattern), and she loved it. YES!  A recipient for lace. This year, since baby’s already here I wanted something trickier.

Enter Mystery Stole III.

It’s coming along beautifully (if slowly), should be done by Christmas with no problem, and has a connection to music (I have to admit I would have been over the moon if the theme had been the Valkries but hey, you can’t have everything).

I’m glad I looked.

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