Little Christmas Wrap Up

The holiday season is officially over in my house and I am left quite satisfied. As I mentioned earlier Santa was very, very good to me. We hosted Christmas festivities this year, and it was a DELIGHT to have my family here, in my house. On New Years Eve, we had fondue with the little bunnies. Two years ago we started this meal tradition with the hope that it would give the little ones something “fancy” to look forward to on a night that’s mostly about grown ups. It’s evolved slowly into a great family party. And I must say it’s a meal well suited for the holiday, as you dip little bits of food, you have lots of opportunity to reflect and look to the future.

In that vein, I definitely experienced the holiday season differently this year now that my oldest bunny is three. I think that Mr. Slippers and I both started taking Christmas (and all holidays really) waaayyyy more seriously after we became parents. We were just so excited to have a baby bunny, you know? But for the first few years it was really just sort of us jumping up and down and baby bunny staring wide eyed. This year though, she GOT IT in a way that was just heart-meltingly wonderful. Along with this came a new the desire to make the magic of Christmas last as long as possible, and Mr. Slippers started talking about Little Christmas.

We’ve got a pretty good track record for creating family traditions so we decided to make Little Christmas about giving just each other handmade gifts and spending the day together. It went well for the first effort (but heh heh, my wheels are already turning for next year). The bunnies made necklaces for each other and collaborated on this beautiful gem for me.


I helped them turn some of their artwork into a T-Shirt for Mr. Slippers. And I knit something little for each of them.

I knit hats for each for the bunnies, I am not going to share them here because well, they are very much loved by the bunnies, but they don’t represent the best of my knitting ability. Being three and one, the recipients are a bit less discriminating than me, so they are quite pleased, and really that’s all that matters. For Mr. Slippers I made, slippers! These are “Aunt Dana’s Russian Boots” from the 2007 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, made from Lion Wool leftover from my Grandpa’s socks and Paton’s Classic Merino (which is quite possibly my favorite new yarn).   Mr. Slippers requested a pair the second he saw the pattern and hey he only had to wait a few months.


OH! And I could not resist a little after Christmas sale shopping for myself. I bought a cheap, but effective 8.0 MP Digital Camera. The picture above was taken with my three-year-old 2.0 cam which I paid more for than this one… here’s the same shot in 8.0… pretty impressive, especially when you factor in that I literally just unwrapped the box a few minutes ago and have yet to open the instruction manual.


Now if you will excuse me I have a camera to play with. Next up I’ll be back with photos of my knit-related Christmas goodies and PAY IT FORWARD.

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