Big Christmas Wrap Up

Well I don’t know how big it will be exactly, but how about some pix of Christmas related knitting (now that I’ve figured out how to turn off the flash on the new cam) so we can move on with 2008 knit bits?

First up… the Christmas Stockings. Oh boy talk about a labor of love. Remember, Big Bunny is 3 and I attempted to start this project while she was just a bun in the oven. Also note, I HATE knitting socks, so right off the bat this was a project I really wasn’t that into. I had an idea of what I wanted to knit (a replica of the stockings my mom knit for my siblings and I back in the 70’s) but there were SO, SO, SO Many options. My first attempt in acrylic sucked SO, SO, SO bad. Last year we spent Christmas at my sister and brother in law’s house, and their halls were DECKED, it was gorgeous. They had velvet stockings hung by the fire with care and no need for handknits, whew, whew, whew. This year I HAD to suck it up and knit the darned things or give it up and buy some… I did my knitterly duty.

wu1.jpg wu2.jpg

Ahem, not the greatest pix (old cam) and not the greatest knitting, but I must admit I am quite pleased. A) They are DONE! B) They look a LOT like the ones from the 70’s C) Santa had something to fill for the bunnies and D) Did I mention they are DONE?

On that happy note, wanna see the knit stuff Santa brought ME?



That’s Rowan Magazine#40 and the beginnings of JUNO. What you don’t see is the other 11 balls of luscious Queensland Kathmandu Aran Tweed. OOH LA LA is this stuff nice to knit with! Below that is the wonderful Knitters Book of Yarn, which I have just begun to dive into, fun, fun, fun.

I had SUCH a good holiday that I am already thinking about next year. I know this is going to sound bizarre but I’ve already started a holiday knit for 2008 that kinda sorta involves lots of socks. Lots and lots of socks in fact. I know, I know just a couple of paragraphs ago I was whining about how much I hate knitting socks, but I saw this and knew I just had to knit enough tiny socks to make one for the bunnies. I figured if I can bust out two pairs of tiny socks each month between now and June, I’ll have time to fill them before December 1st (don’t laugh this kind of stuff takes time) AND if I don’t get over my hatred of sock knitting I will certainly be able to justify never knitting a holiday sock again. Plus it’s a roundabout knitting resolution… an open my mind to sock knitting through practice, kind of thing. So this weekend I busted out a pair. I have to admit really wasn’t that bad.


Sock #1 is made of leftover wool from my Drops Cardigan. Sock #2 is made on the same needles with the same pattern out of some of the crappy acrylic that I used when I first attempted stockings a few years back. It looks much better this way.

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