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How Did That Happen?

February 24, 2008


Good riddance to spring funk, there’s so much fun knitting stuff going on around here!

Last weekend  I had the extreme pleasure of joining the Knit Nerds at a local cafe.  What a wonderful group!  I brought along the back of Juno  and made great progress.  Unfortunately I think I had too much fun… major mistake that I didn’t catch until bind off (DOH!).  Instead of immediately ripping, I wen’t shopping for my first knit swap (oh I love Ravelry!).  To my delight I encountered a big yarn sale!  I have no idea how two skeins of Cascade Eco Wool got mixed in to the swap stuff.  Nor do I know how they have transformed so quickly into the back and half of a front of ANOTHER Drops Jacket (clearly this yarn has a mind of it’s own).  I’m not complaining though!


Not Quite Ready For Spring

February 20, 2008

Where I live it rains a lot. The first year I lived here it started raining over the Thanksgiving holiday and did not really let up until Easter. So, when the sun decides to make an appearance in the winter, it’s a big event.  A couple of weekends ago we we woke up to unexpected rays of sunshine pouring into the house. None of us could quite adjust. Everyone was antsy and cranky. We tried to live up to the expectation, bundled up (it was just sunny, not warm) and walked to the nearest park. Little bunny promptly fell face first into a mud puddle. We rallied around her misery and drug ourselves home. After drying her off, we closed some of the shades and went about our day.

We just weren’t ready for it.

But, it’s been sunny since and we’ve been able to embrace it.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2008

All weekend long a grouchy post was brewing in my head. I’ll save it since today I am blissfully in love. My bunnies and the man who helped make them are melting my heart. I’m melting butter, making a big dinner and trying not to stick my fingers into this amazing goody Grandma C sent us. I’m also drinking lots of coffee, after staying up waaayyyyyyyyyy too late to finish the Bunnies’ Valentine gift.


Oh I love these birds! And I have to say, for last minute winging it, they turned out GREAT (waayyyyy better than the Little Christmas hats).

Now, on to butter melting, chocolate eating, bunny kisses, playing with bird toys and other general loveliness. Of course, wishing you much of the same.

Bits and Pieces

February 8, 2008

Fits and Starts.  Progress in the five steps in one direction, six steps backward, seven in another kind of way.

Do you know what I mean?

My bunnies are thriving, my hutch is in order, knit happens so I am creatively satisfied, but my BRAIN IS SCRAMBLED!  I just can’t follow a straight path anywhere.  Oh well the whole is greater than the sum, right?

My knitting is a perfect example.  Many WIPS, lots of FO’s weird tangents all over the place.  Here are two flat hats.  The newsboy is part of a centipede costume for a school play, felted Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Limeade.  Below is the finished Patons Classic Braided hat… which has already been worn twice.  On the needles now (besides the Juno and the Dale sweater) more tiny advent socks (ooh afterthought heel fun) and valentine toys.  It’s a good thing I’m not a cartographer, who knows what direction I’ll be pulled in next.


Back In The Saddle

February 3, 2008


The hutch has been sanitized, all of the bunnies (including me and Mr. Slippers) are in good health.  It is SUCH a relief to be back in the swing of our routines.

I have been knitting.


Major progress on the Dale sweater, a completed February Jacket for a baby girlfriend who’s due to meet us in March (man it feels  good to have a jump start on that), and this hat just for me, just because I can.

Now that things are back to normal (relatively speaking) I should be back soon.