Not Quite Ready For Spring

Where I live it rains a lot. The first year I lived here it started raining over the Thanksgiving holiday and did not really let up until Easter. So, when the sun decides to make an appearance in the winter, it’s a big event.  A couple of weekends ago we we woke up to unexpected rays of sunshine pouring into the house. None of us could quite adjust. Everyone was antsy and cranky. We tried to live up to the expectation, bundled up (it was just sunny, not warm) and walked to the nearest park. Little bunny promptly fell face first into a mud puddle. We rallied around her misery and drug ourselves home. After drying her off, we closed some of the shades and went about our day.

We just weren’t ready for it.

But, it’s been sunny since and we’ve been able to embrace it.

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