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Ice and Sun

March 31, 2008

We seem to have settled into a stasis. Everything outside is frozen, but the sun is shining, illuminating every crisp, white detail.  I NEED to improve my photography skills.  We had a relaxed but quite productive weekend.  Each of us was ready for 48 hours spent largely within our own walls, amusing ourselves.  March came at us with such speed, with so much going on.  I am not comfortable with that pace and I’m sure my whole family felt the effects.  I am looking forward to April, spring, and new starts.  I’ve been working on a big surprise, I can’t wait to share.  First I have to hone those photog skills a bit more(seriously).


Like the Weather

March 30, 2008

How can I expect the bunnies to relax and play or follow our routines when over the course of the past 24 hours we’ve had snow, hail, showers, gorgeous sunshine, and ice?  Everyone’s attention is scattered and off.  I’m trying to go with the flow, it isn’t easy.

Busy Little Bunny

March 24, 2008


Life has calmed down around here. Easter was absolutely wonderful, all the bunnies are quite happy in this hutch.

AND I HAVE BEEN BUSY! Check it out:


Starting in the upper right and moving clockwise; there’s a baby blanket to go with the Sweet Baby Cap and matching booties (I was so excited to find the checked fabric in such a coordinating pattern!!!). It’s just a cotton panel sewn to a soft beige minky panel, easy and cute. Next we have version 2.0 of Juno. After much pouring over Rowan #40, I decided to use the Queensland Kathmandu for Celtic (swatch complete, numbers have been crunched and casting on is planned for Wednesday) and knit this in cotton. A brand new Michael’s opened recently and had Lion Cotton Ease on sale… viola. I ‘m not the biggest Lion fan but I love the way this is turning out. Below that beauty is an oh-so-cute Two for Tea cozy from Stitch and Bitch Nation. It’s part of a wedding gift package and was so fun to knit, I just might try to adapt it for my french press. Finally, the latest installment of advent calendar socks. I tried magic loop (LOVE IT!) and toe up (not for me) and according to the lovely Anny Purls’ Flakey pattern, an afterthought heel (Anny is also the inspiration for the calendar itself!). I don’t know if this will make me a sock knitter, but I’m definitely learning some new tricks. And I am officially caught up on the advent sock goal, yes! Come to think of it, with this update, I’m caught up here too!

That’s More Like It

March 12, 2008


Success!  A Sweet Baby Cap for my cousin’s baby to be (don’t worry she doesn’t read the blog).  And it turned out right the first time, boy did I need that.  It’s been super busy around the hutch but the craziness will end on Saturday.  I’m working on a teensy weensy pair of socks to match the sweet cap… hopefully they’ll go as smoothly as this did.  I’ll be back soon with the details.

Contest Alert

March 7, 2008

Have you seen the lovely goings on at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber?  You should.  Those gals are an inspiration.  And in their heartfelt spirit, they’ve turned information gathering into a contest.  Go enter, I’ll be here when you’re done.

At Least in Knitting there are Always Do-Overs

March 2, 2008

Scratch that last post. I finished both fronts, blocked (I had a twitch of doubt there but kept going) and sewed a seam. I knew the fabric was a little loose, but I got gauge on size 11 (8mm) needles as called for and figured it would be drapey and squishy. Airy or holey is more like it. This sweater really doesn’t work as a sheer garment. Sigh… into the frog pond with Juno. I need some knitting success. I want to finish something.  Historically March is a month where I get a lot of stuff done.  Must be spring-related.  I’m switching my attention to another baby project, let’s hope that works.