Playing Catch-Up

So, what do you do when you are feeling a little overwhelmed?  I tend toward frantic thoughts and procrastination, but I also have a compulsion to always be “doing something”.  Luckily my husband and my mother in law are both really calm, steady people.  They have taught me a lot.

So I *try* to just start slow,  get organized and force myself to be content with slow progress.  You know what, it works really well.

Another thing that helps is having laptop go down… or maybe (oh dear) unplug it, and force yourself to do things away from the keyboard!  Yes, that is good for the house and the soul… but now I feel backlogged with things to share.  Don’t worry  I’ll be back soon with pictures.

In the meantime, allow yourself the time you need to do the things you have to get done.  I hope you are able to savor the sweetness as you do.

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