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Flirty Skirty

July 31, 2008

We’re back in good health around here and there are a whole lot of FO’s to share. I was going to try and show them in chronological order, but I guess summer is scrambling my internal sense of order. So here’s a random FO from the last month.

You might recognize the orange Plymouth Fantasy Naturale that I tried to make work as a cardi and a tank. I think it has finally found it’s true calling in this. In order to make the yarn work, I went up to a size 10 needle (ahh drape) and reduced the number of pattern repeats from 17 to 6 (a lot I know, but just enough scallops along the bottom to make it work I think). It is already much loved, and really isn’t that the most important thing?


Slogging Along

July 16, 2008

All that energy zapped by a summer cold, ugh.  SO. MUCH. SNOT.

Also, I welcome advice on encouraging a brilliantly  mischievous two-year-old to keep her diaper on, and not pee all over the floor with a gleam in her eye, shout MUAHAHAHA and sprint nude around the house at unbelievable speed.  Thank you.


July 12, 2008

from vacation. Ahhhh, it was nice until everyone got sick. Now we’re home and unpacking has set off a chain reaction of cupboard cleaning, purging and organizing. Look for lots of my old junk on Ebay and Craig’s List soon! It can’t sit in a heap in the middle of the garage forever. Actually it feels wonderful to get this work done, but it does take a toll on my knitting time. I’ll be back soon with pictures of vacation knitting and a sneak peek at my Lady Sweater (yup, that bandwagon, I am so on it).