Felt It, Felt It Good

I wanted to blog about Eugene’s Stitch and Pitch Event today. But when I went to take a picture of my commemorative stitch marker, after the bunnies went to sleep last night, I couldn’t find it.  I’m pretty confident the bunnies know where it is, so I’ll save that post and show you the sweater I “finished” right before the Stitch and Pitch, thinking I’d wear it to the event.

A few years ago I used some birthday $$ to buy enough KnitPicks Sierra to make a lovely red Blackberry.  Somehow it never got knit.  When I stumbled upon the Shalom Cardigan while poking around on Ravelry last month, I remembered the yarn and dove into my stash.  It knit up quickly and beautifully.  I finished it the day before Stitch and Pitch.

It was  cloudy that day and I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be too hot to wear it to the baseball game the next evening.  I washed it in Eucalan, laid it out to block in the spare bedroom, and went on about my business.  When I was ready to get dressed for the game, I went to get the sweater and was shocked to find it was still quite damp.  The sun was out but I didn’t have enough time to move it outside and let it dry before the game.  Here is where I should have sucked it up, moved it outside, thrown on a sweatshirt and jumped in my car.  Instead I thought “hey I’ve got a fancy schmancy new dryer, it was a godsend last fall when Mr. Slippers’ cobblestone was still damp after 3 days of laying out in the spare room”.  So I tossed her in, set the dryer to “Ultra Delicate, air only (no heat) for 15 minutes” and went to brush my hair.  Thank goodness I didn’t put it in for 30 minutes!  When I opened the dryer, my beautiful cardigan had already started to felt.  It wasn’t too bad, but not too good either.  I tried it on… still damp, still fit, whew.  I cut my losses there… didn’t wear it to the game, but brought it and asked all my fellow knitters whether I should keep it and work the fuzzy, felty look of it or just turn it into a cat bed.  They all agreed the cardi works, now that it’s dry, I have to agree… but I think I’ll knit another one this fall and let it air dry… even if it takes a month!

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