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September 22, 2008

Isn’t he cute?  He doesn’t have a name yet, but that’s actually not my responsibility now that he’s in the mail, on his way to his new owner. I DO have copious notes on his contstruction and am considering putting the pattern together for sale ($1-2) on Ravelry.  Knitters out there… wanna adopt a puppy?



September 17, 2008

BOTH of my bunnies are in school right now.  How is it that hours fly by when they are heare but I have already run errands, changed linens, and knit part of a red dog’s ear and the 21/2 hour school window is only just beginning to close???

I’m certainly not complaining.

Here’s a look at the red dog doll I’m designing for my lovely Aunt.  He’s turnign out very cute and he’ll make an appearance here later this week, after some assembly and of course after his head is complete.

Ok, gotta run… must savor every second of school time.

P.S.  Julie had her baby, a sweet and healthy girl.  Lucky little lady

Oh Baby

September 10, 2008

Today is my friend Julie’s birthday and it just might be her baby’s birthday too.  Although we live very far apart and as this blog demonstrates, I’m not the most consistent correspondant, I am so excited for her.  Julie and her husband are going to be AMAZING parents.  They’ve got the love and excitement requirements met ten times over, but they’ll also do just fine with the challenges this gig entails.  That is going to be one lucky babe.

I wanted to do something special for this new family, originally I thought about a knit layette (I’ve wanted to knit a moderne baby blanket since that book came out).  Then, while shopping at JoAnn Fabrics a bolt of flannel jumped off the shelf and assulted me.  It was pulling on my shirt screaming “MAKE ME INTO A BLANKET FOR JULIE’S BABY, SHE WILL LOVVVEEEEE MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  That’s not something you can walk away from easily.  With the help of my rotary cutter and quilting mat, inspiration from this flickr set, and just the right backing (that 40% off coupon really came in handy, thanks JoAnn) I was able to assemble the most gorgeous baby blanket I have ever seen.  See?  See?

Ok, bring on the birthdays!!!

What I did on my summer vacation

September 8, 2008

Good Lord will someone please make this year slow down????  As excited as I am that school is about to start up again,  and altough I am thoroughly enjoying all the little whispers of fall in the air, I STILL FEEL LIKE 2008 is JUST GETTING STARTED ALREADY!

At least I’ve been enjoying myself.

Many blueberries have been picked.  Marshmallows have been roasted, the new tent has been pitched (and will be again one last time), our feet have gotten muddy, sandy, and dipped into icy cold lakes and friends’ swimming pools.  I had some serious fun here (I am sorry I have failed you in the picture department… I so wanted to tell you about  Bob throwing the first pitch, if it’s any consolation  I still can’t find my lovely stitch marker keepsake from the event).  And we went to the state fair!!!  I do have a few pictures from that batch of fun, see?

There’s just one week left, I’m hoping to pack in as much fun as I can amidst the work that needs to be done before the weather hits (wood to stack!, hedges to trim!, gutters to protect!, a shed to set up so that we can both park in the garage… etc etc).  And maybe by trying to savor this last week, I’ll ease the feeling that it’s all flying by, maybe.