Oh Baby

Today is my friend Julie’s birthday and it just might be her baby’s birthday too.  Although we live very far apart and as this blog demonstrates, I’m not the most consistent correspondant, I am so excited for her.  Julie and her husband are going to be AMAZING parents.  They’ve got the love and excitement requirements met ten times over, but they’ll also do just fine with the challenges this gig entails.  That is going to be one lucky babe.

I wanted to do something special for this new family, originally I thought about a knit layette (I’ve wanted to knit a moderne baby blanket since that book came out).  Then, while shopping at JoAnn Fabrics a bolt of flannel jumped off the shelf and assulted me.  It was pulling on my shirt screaming “MAKE ME INTO A BLANKET FOR JULIE’S BABY, SHE WILL LOVVVEEEEE MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  That’s not something you can walk away from easily.  With the help of my rotary cutter and quilting mat, inspiration from this flickr set, and just the right backing (that 40% off coupon really came in handy, thanks JoAnn) I was able to assemble the most gorgeous baby blanket I have ever seen.  See?  See?

Ok, bring on the birthdays!!!

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