The first Monday of the year is bound to be challenging.  I woke up hopeful.  Last night I made a  list of things I wanted to get done.   Last week I set some reasonable goals for myself  in terms of my creative work and managing the household.  But life rarely moves according to plan.

This morning I cajoled the bunnies into walking the dog with me.  It was a lot earlier than we usually walk him.  It was raining.  I wanted to scratch “walk the dog” off of my list.  I wanted to engage them in something other than covering the entire living room floor with small animal toys and pretend food.  The air was warm despite the rain.  Both had actually eaten some food and were fully clothed and I had to seize the opportunity before someone got hungry or stripped.  So, we walked.

At first it was lovely.  The bunnies love to stop and examine all the different “nature” as we walk.  They pick up dead leaves, broken rocks and bits of moss that intrigue them.  It’s hard not to feel hopeful watching this.   Then, on the way home, an unexpected  meltdown.

Not knowing how to fix it, I stood watching, waiting, then walked us very, very slowly home.  I tried not to be frustrated as the rain drenched us.  I just wanted to get us home where we could be dry and hopefully, happy.  I held the nature in the same hand I hold the leash so that I could hold an angry little hand in my other.  When we finally  made it home I had the bunnies set their nature on the table and go change into warm, dry  clothes.  With their bodies warm and their tempers cool, we paid homage to their nature and created this centerpiece.  As they assembled it, the joy returned to their faces and to my heart.

One Response to “Hopeful”

  1. DrV Says:

    Young moods, not unlike the wind

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