Little Christmas 2009 = Sorta meh

Little Christmas, or the Epiphany, falls on the 12th day after Christmas (and yes, these are the days in the song). Tradition hold that Magi’s journey ended on this day. The Slippers household is not religious but we like the idea of Little Christmas, Mr. Slippers grew up celebrating it, thanks to his Ukranian grandmother. The holiday is celebrated in different ways around the world with the general intention of making the holiday season last for 12 days after Christmas, to savor it and give it a reflective end. Last year we started a Little Christmas tradition for the bunnies by having a Ukranian dinner and exchanging handmade gifts. This year, didn’t exactly go according to plan.

First, I got the date wrong (yes I can count to 12 on most days), so we had our dinner on the 7th. Despite an extra day, we were all down to the wire on making our gifts (in fact all of our handmade gifts this year were a little lacking). Then, I planned on taking the bunnies to the only Russian market in town (I do miss San Francisco!), only to find it has gone out of business. I defrosted a roast, came up with a “fancy” dinner and tried to make a dessert on the fly. Not a good idea. Burnt chocolate babycakes still managed to encite a grand mal fit and we had to conduct a time-out before sharing our unwrapped, still wet gifts. Sigh.

Luckily, 4 and a half years of motherhood has really strengthened my ability to go with the flow. This Christmas season is over, we’re all ready to move on, perhaps we were ready a few days ago. But I can’t change it, I have to move forward. I have a lot of ideas for next year and a lot of time to nurture them.  I also have some cool handmade gifts to show you, but not now.  Pictures, good ones, will follow and I’ve got something yummy cooked up to share, tomorrow.  Tonight I’ll just rest and let it be.

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