Thank You Sun

The sun has been shining for the past two days.  This little reprieve in the midst of the long grey rain that starts around here in October and often ends in May, has done wonders for all of us.

We laid on a blanket in the backyard and ate our snack this afternoon.  There were no oak leaves shimmering in the sunlight, but the twiggy winter skyscape was still mesmerizing.  Crows flew by but did not stop at our bird feeders.  We each designed a race course then ran ourselves silly.  The water table was filled and icy water splashed with glee on the dry deck,  we  admired the  Pollock-esque water art before it disappeared.  So many moments that we all did our best to savor.

It will last a little longer,  Mr. Slippers  will get to ride his bike to work one day this week and break in the hand-knit earwarmers he received for Little Christmas (pictures to follow).  More picnics, races, and outside playing will ensue.  We will try to hold on to these moments when the raindrops return, right now though  it’s just so lovely.

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