A Really Nice Day


This whale is wearing a ball gown.  She’s feeling fanciful.  It’s that kind of day, you know?

The bunnies and I did it right today.  Everyone slept in (which is pretty amazing around here).  It was a brilliant morning, bright sunshine and a frozen landscape.  After a nice breakfast together we packed up a bag of old coats and sweatshirts to donate to a “warming” drive.  I wanted to take part in the National Day of Service, and have the bunnies experience it too.   We had a nice discussion as we dropped them off, then made our way to a park near the donation center.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve been to that park.  It’s really big with structures set up in ways that make it hard to keep an eye on two active little ones.  I normally wouldn’t take the bunnies there without another grown up to help supervise.  Now that my baby bunny is closer to three than two, and able to follow directions, it’s so much easier, and so much more fun! We’re also testing the waters of naplessness.  Naptime hasn’t ended for us (thank goodness!) but there are days when we skip it.  Really nice days like today, when we are all playing nicely in the winter sun, running, eating our picnic lunch, sliding, singing and spending several happy hours together.

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