You  down with LBP?

This cute pic caused a bit of commotion on Twitter tonight.. fun for me!  I made him last year right before Little Big Planet  came out.  My bunnies loved him as much as Mr. Slippers loved the game.  Consequently he only had one eye for quite some time.  Today I was able to hang my toy optometrist shingle up, and shared him with my Tweets.

I know I am STILL  working on the woof pattern, I promise it’s almost ready.  But I need to know… should I write up some SackBoy instructions for y’all?  This will be a freebie…. lemme know.

3 Responses to “SackBoy!”

  1. l-a-l-a-b-e-e Says:

    hi bunny slippers! i’d love to get a little sackboy from you. what are the details? and thanks for being so clever! xo

  2. JB Says:

    Hi BunnySlippers! I’m interested in knowing more about these little sackboys 🙂 They are very impressive, indeed! Could I have more information about them as it becomes available? THANK YOU!

  3. bobbin Says:

    hello please may i have a knitting pattern or some instructions


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