Love is in the air

It’s been a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  The bunnies had a great time making treats for their friends, enjoyed good celebrations at their preschool , and helped me decorate and create a wonderful meal for all of us.  It’s been crazy busy for me lately, knitting custom orders  and playing costume designer for a local children’s theater production.  I can’t complain though… I do love these outlets for my craftiness.  I seem to have more ideas than time these days and am itching to sew my big bunny some spring and summer dresses.  And I am in complete AWE of the amazingness of this site. Sigh.  So much to love there.

And speaking of love,  I sure do love you blog-folk.  I owe you some food, don’t I?  I had  a recipe all photographed and planned for yesterday but then I slacked and somehow “Overtime Hash” didn’t seem right for a Valentine’s day post.  I think I’ll post it on Monday and give you some extra foodie love this week.

One last thing before I go soak up some of my bunny-love.  I am so honored to have been asked to make a Valentine for someone else this year.. check it out, it’s pretty heart-melting.

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