I have to thank Renrahs on Etsy for providing me with an incredibly fun challenge by requesting this custom Sackboy and Chinese Dragon mask. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. However I am also completely exhausted!! Thank goodness I can it squeeze in a little break over the next week. I hope you are able to rest a bit too.


5 Responses to “Dragonboy!”

  1. velmalikevelvet Says:

    holy crap, that is cool!

    wanna see chicken…

  2. bunnymama Says:

    thank you! I’m draggin’ my feet on the chicken (I spent my weekend finishing a sweater instead!), but will definitely share when it’s done!

  3. bobbin Says:


    I love this

    do you have a knitting pattern to follow?
    my mums gonna make me one

    it would come in handy

    you have my email address

  4. bobbin Says:

    oh i scrolled down your blog and see you sell them

    but there are no more in your shop

    i really like this one in the dragpn outfit he looks better than the older ones (the sackboy himself not the dragon costume bit)

    have you changed the pattern at all? if you can’t give me a pattern can you please make me a custom one 🙂

    how much roughly asre they?

    please email me privately


  5. holley4734 Says:

    Love this dragon boy! Is there a dragon girl? My daughter would love it! 🙂

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