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February 3, 2009


Been busy this week! Lots of knitting and detail work, but so much fun!  Want your own custom sackboy?  Vist my shop.

‘Tis the Season

October 4, 2008

I love October. Where I live, leaves turn color, the air is crisp, the rain begins, and I get a surge if craftiness at the same time Mr. Slippers gets the urge to build a fire every night and the bunnies demand hot cocoa as often as we will allow.

Holiday crafting is ramped up around here.  You can expect an Etsy update soon, and perhaps an appearance at a local craft show (if I can hop fast enough), ans because so many folks have admired them, a little early gift for you.  Here is my free cup cozy pattern, To Go.

And because I am feeling generous (and in the midst of crafting things for sale).  I want any knitters out there to know that I am quite happy to allow knitters to make these cozies for sale this holiday season.  I only ask that you contact me and give the details of your plans.

All right, back to crafting then.


September 22, 2008

Isn’t he cute?  He doesn’t have a name yet, but that’s actually not my responsibility now that he’s in the mail, on his way to his new owner. I DO have copious notes on his contstruction and am considering putting the pattern together for sale ($1-2) on Ravelry.  Knitters out there… wanna adopt a puppy?

Felt It, Felt It Good

August 13, 2008

I wanted to blog about Eugene’s Stitch and Pitch Event today. But when I went to take a picture of my commemorative stitch marker, after the bunnies went to sleep last night, I couldn’t find it.  I’m pretty confident the bunnies know where it is, so I’ll save that post and show you the sweater I “finished” right before the Stitch and Pitch, thinking I’d wear it to the event.

A few years ago I used some birthday $$ to buy enough KnitPicks Sierra to make a lovely red Blackberry.  Somehow it never got knit.  When I stumbled upon the Shalom Cardigan while poking around on Ravelry last month, I remembered the yarn and dove into my stash.  It knit up quickly and beautifully.  I finished it the day before Stitch and Pitch.

It was  cloudy that day and I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be too hot to wear it to the baseball game the next evening.  I washed it in Eucalan, laid it out to block in the spare bedroom, and went on about my business.  When I was ready to get dressed for the game, I went to get the sweater and was shocked to find it was still quite damp.  The sun was out but I didn’t have enough time to move it outside and let it dry before the game.  Here is where I should have sucked it up, moved it outside, thrown on a sweatshirt and jumped in my car.  Instead I thought “hey I’ve got a fancy schmancy new dryer, it was a godsend last fall when Mr. Slippers’ cobblestone was still damp after 3 days of laying out in the spare room”.  So I tossed her in, set the dryer to “Ultra Delicate, air only (no heat) for 15 minutes” and went to brush my hair.  Thank goodness I didn’t put it in for 30 minutes!  When I opened the dryer, my beautiful cardigan had already started to felt.  It wasn’t too bad, but not too good either.  I tried it on… still damp, still fit, whew.  I cut my losses there… didn’t wear it to the game, but brought it and asked all my fellow knitters whether I should keep it and work the fuzzy, felty look of it or just turn it into a cat bed.  They all agreed the cardi works, now that it’s dry, I have to agree… but I think I’ll knit another one this fall and let it air dry… even if it takes a month!

Put it On

August 11, 2008

This weekend we had a nice taste of early fall weather.  Cool and crisp in the morning and evening and gorgeously sunny and warm during the day.

I took advantage and had Mr. Slippers take some pictures of the sweaters I’ve recently finished.  I’ll share them all this week.  Today, let’s catch up though, here’s what the gorgeous Juno looks like on.  I just adore this sweater.

Little Red Hat

August 7, 2008

Around here there are always several knitting projects being worked simultaneously. I’m usually working a large project after the bunnies go to sleep and one or two (or four) small things during the day. A hat that sits on the kitchen counter gets a round while I check my email, a scarf in my purse gets some action at the park, etc etc.

This little number is Shadkitty’s Buggerloo , worked in Paton’s Classic Merino. It  took a few days of randomly knitting here and there.  Little bunny LOOOVVES it. She suggests wearing it backwards and accessorizing with a feather boa (those little white flecks in the picture are fuzz from hers). It’s one of a few winter hats’ I’ve finished this summer, anticipating the first really cold day this fall and promising myself to actually have something warm for my kids to wear (instead of, you know, trying to knit a couple of hats really fast that morning). Now I’ll work on posting pictures of them here before that cold weather hits!

Flirty Skirty

July 31, 2008

We’re back in good health around here and there are a whole lot of FO’s to share. I was going to try and show them in chronological order, but I guess summer is scrambling my internal sense of order. So here’s a random FO from the last month.

You might recognize the orange Plymouth Fantasy Naturale that I tried to make work as a cardi and a tank. I think it has finally found it’s true calling in this. In order to make the yarn work, I went up to a size 10 needle (ahh drape) and reduced the number of pattern repeats from 17 to 6 (a lot I know, but just enough scallops along the bottom to make it work I think). It is already much loved, and really isn’t that the most important thing?

Baa Baa

June 23, 2008

This was the first year, since moving to Eugene, that I’ve been able to attend the Black Sheep Gathering. It was so worth the wait. On Friday I took the bunnies who flirted shamelessly with the alpacas. On Saturday, breakfast and a shopping spree with my fellow knit nerds. I didn’t want to go home, sigh.

Brown is the New Black

May 19, 2008

Not long after I got on Ravelry I indulged my curiosity and signed up for a swap.  It went well so I signed up for another.  Then my Wednesday night ice cream and  knitting enablers asked if I wanted to participate in a third.

Oh my the third time was indeed a charm.  The Swap on a Budget group is a FUN bunch of Ravelers.

Our mission was to spoil our parters as much as $20 would allow.  Can you imagine how amazed I was to receive this package from Knitastic Susie last week?  This woman knows how to shop people.  I think we ought to let Washington know how far she can stretch $20, maybe she could help balance our budget.  Now if you will excuse me, I have some knitting to do.

Etsy on my Mind

April 10, 2008

Everything is coming together, and it’s very exciting.  The shop will open one week from today, on the 17th.  I’m starting with just a couple of things.  Don’t fear, I have lots of others in the works that I’ll add in next few weeks.  Keep watching this space , I’ve got a little treat in store for you too!