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I know I need more pictures

August 21, 2007

But I haven’t perfected uploading on my new laptop.  And things like camping and watching big sister bunny stumble to her sleeping bag covered in dust and goo from her first s’mores has taken precedence.

I’ve got a wicked case of startitis and haven’t knit a  stitch on the mystery stole.  Instead I cast on for a new sweater for my mom, am 3/4 finished with my Camellia re-do, and have little bunny’s Christmas stocking going (finally).  I am also eyeing a couple of patterns in the new IK trying to decide what would be the best use for some leafy green Cascade 220.


I Couldn’t Resist

August 8, 2007

I peeked.

I am very excited. I have had enough black Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud to knit my husband’s stepmom a shawl in my stash since last year. She plays in the orchestra for the San Francisco Opera and always needs to dress beautifully (on a musician’s wages that is not easy) and WARMLY. I wasn’t sure how she would react to a knitted shawl or stole. Last year for Christmas I made her this. I had orginally intended to make the Print O the Wave stole, but having a baby seriously hindered my ability to perform intricate lace work. The stole turned out beautifully (lovely, simple pattern), and she loved it. YES!  A recipient for lace. This year, since baby’s already here I wanted something trickier.

Enter Mystery Stole III.

It’s coming along beautifully (if slowly), should be done by Christmas with no problem, and has a connection to music (I have to admit I would have been over the moon if the theme had been the Valkries but hey, you can’t have everything).

I’m glad I looked.

In the dark?

August 3, 2007

Yes, I am among the 6000+ Mystery Stole knitters.  Actually it would be more correct to say that I am one of the many self proclaimed slow-bee Mystery Stole knitters (I am finished with clue#2).  The theme was revealed this morning.  I
can’t decide whether to peek or to wait until I catch up.


August 1, 2007

Still here.

Savoring summer’s glory in ways I haven’t since I was young.  Ice cream sundaes.  Swimming Lessons.  Barbeques.  Playdates.  Laying on the grass and watching the warm wind rustle the leaves.

Oh and knitting.  Yes lots of it.