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A List of Things I Can’t Show You

May 31, 2007

Does this ever happen to you?  You’re all ready to blog about an FO and for one reason or another, it’s not photograph-able.


In my absence from this blog I finished my Sunrise Circle Jacket (FINALLY got the button in an acceptable place).  It is GORGEOUS, and hanging in the closet in the room where big sister bunny is napping.

She might be curled up with the casacde 220 cabled pullover I’m trying to design myself.

Speaking of big sister bunny, she’s got a new Debbie Bliss inspired cardi made of the lavender Lion Cotton-Ease.  It’s in my office which is being torn apart right now as a crew replaces the windows in our house.

Little sister bunny is downstairs napping in the port-a-crib in her papa’s office (their room is being torn apart too), she is definitely snuggled under the bernat cotton-tots circle blanket I decided was too small to give to my friend’s new baby boy when it was on the needles.  I figured one of our dolly friends would enjoy it but then discovered it was the perfect size for baby sister bunny.   Knitting fate.

Baby sister is also getting a swishy skirt to wear to her birthday party.  I’m basing it on the bottom of this sweater, but using the rest of the Lion Cotton ease.  It’s also in papa’s office.

I do have access to another WIP, the recycled Plymouth Fantasy Naturale project,  It began life as a Chicknits Cutaway, but repriomanded me quickly for thinking summer yarn could work as an autumnal cardi (hey I TRIED giving it 3/4 sleeves).  It’s almost finished the transformation into a Chickami.  We’re both considerably happier with this decision, but the yarn doesnt want you to see it until the transformation is complete.

So, I’ll try and get my act together and be back with more images in the next post.


Spin Cycle

May 29, 2007

Nine years ago I went to a Barbeque that changed my life forever. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go but Party Jen and I decided it was the best of our options. We were invited by a friend of a friend. The party was in a 1920’s era furniture factory that had been converted into warehouse loft spaces. Superbooty was playing. It was the typical late-90’s Oakland scene. Standing next to the keg with Party Jen, I saw a handsome guy pull up with some friends in a red convertible. I said to Party Jen (perhaps more than a bit influenced by the beer)… I am going to marry that man. And I did.

Nine years later it’s domestic bliss.

That is if you overlook the pouring rain yesterday, two cooped up little kids and Mr. Bunny down with the flu. Instead of hamburgers and flags or kegs and cheetos I was surrounded by legos, pepto bismol and mountains of laundry. Like I said, domestic bliss.


May 27, 2007

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and yes, I do want to blog.

Clearly, I am not one to write every day.  But I do like what consistent writing offers me.  It’s not just a creative outlet, or a mental trip to the gym, it’s calming and balancing (much like knitting).   And despite my expertise at lurking, I do enjoy being part of the online knitting community.  I want my own space there.  The challenge is to take the pressure off of myself and just do it.

Many things in my life have shifted recently allowing me more time to knit, take pictures and yes, even share them here.  Spring cleaning is nearly complete in my house, it’s time for something fresh here.